The Club Floor (read before posting)

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The Club Floor (read before posting)

Post  Rosepetal on Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:02 pm

The Club Floor:
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This area is for Open/semi-open forum RP for the members of the House and anyone who wants to join in.

Please remember the club is a 'fetish' club, with everything that entails. That's not to say everything that starts at the club has to stay there.

There is also a dress code at Fetish Fuel, as it is a high-end nightclub and entertainment venue. This is not a place for casual wear or torn clothing or ball caps or sneakers. Acceptable dress is from casual business wear all the way up to semi-formal and, of course, fetish garb/clothing of all kinds.

Note: This area can also be used for RP in others areas, so as to involve non-members in RP that may occur outside the Club.

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