An early morning dance ... (free to join)

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An early morning dance ... (free to join)

Post  Aleena on Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:35 pm

Though its already in the late morning hours, the grey clouds and the pouring rain keep the city in their merciless clutch. The doors of the club are locked tight, and the sign hanging on the doorhandle reading 'Closed' should even let the biggest dimwit know that the etablissment is closed untill the late afternoon ... yet, behind the heavy doors, music can be heard ...

A curious smile parts the small demoness's lips as she withdraws her hand from the slider of the juke box that controlls the volume as the soft tones of the intro of a song fill the empty club. Clad in her usual black leather jeans and bikervest, Aleena makes her way to the middle of the dancefloor as the song slowly picks up pace ... apparently a rock'n'roll version of "The Rose". Hillariously how easy it was to make her way inside the club despite it being closed ... then again, teleportation has its benefits ...

Picking a spot almost in the middle of the dancefloor, the small demoness closes her eyes ... letting the rhythm of the loudergrowing song fill her ... a dim, red glow covers the outlines of the small demoness's body, bright in the twillight of the dark club. Slowly, with gentle motions Aleena lets herself get guided by the music ...though in her human form, a transparant shape of some of her demonic features ... a glowing red, horned demons head, her wings ... remain at the spot where she just stood, only to snap back against Aleena tightly ...

" Some say love ... it is a razor ... that leaves ... the soul to bleed ... "

*The rockversion of the normally rather calm song slowly guides the small demoness over the dancefloor; her eyes remain closed as she stretches both arms out to the sides ... and lets them fall down again, followed by the red, shadowlike copies of her demonic spirit. She canĀ“ts her head neck ... and cowers down, resting her chin against her chest as the demonic shape of her horned head follows smoothly ...

Soon the song comes to an end ... only to start all over again. Apparently Aleena has set the Jukebox to a constant loop ...


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