Atop the stone giant

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Atop the stone giant

Post  Satyxes on Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:26 pm

It sat atop the human that had been carved out of the building of stone and bronze. The cold wind caressed the form of the silent giant, howling out its displeasure at the lack of reaction from the unyielding body.
This was one of its favorite perches to sit and think.

Its clawed hand stroked the unfeeling head of the unresponsive giant, tracing lines along its grooves and edges. That one never had to ponder on things, just holding up a balcony for humans to stand on. So it served, solemn and enduring. How envious it was of the simplicity of that existance. To have a singular purpose and know of nothing else.

With eyes as expressionless as its stone companion, Satyxes gazed down at the tiny specs that hurried through their life, all so used to the everyday complexities that still boggled the demon. Here, it was away from the bustle of the crowds that would distract it with the multitude of little things they did and said.
It needed time in solitude to set things in order after meeting with the matriarch last night. So many questions, one flowing from the other.

Satyxes forced itself out of the reverie, turning its attention inward and trying to forget the world around it. It remembered the three. The matriarch, the red-skinned one and a new face that was called Sarah (who wore the most curious face-mask, it thought). They had asked many questions, but the implications of one still troubled it.

"Would you kill if commanded by your new master ?"

It knew what it had answered then and it was still convinced that it had spoken truth. Yet still it wondered. It knew it did not specially enjoy killing, but neither did it recoil from the act in itself. It had however touched the lives of these humans and... it could very well imagine hesitating now, even if firmly commanded.

To hesitate... It would have meant the unmaking of this one while its old master was guiding it. It was taught to never hesitate, never question. And yet, it was certain it would now, looking at the one before it and asking itself why the human was in need of being removed. But would it hold back the blow ?

Would it be so... brazenly disobedient as to tell its master 'no'? The revulsion at the thought brought almost physical discomfort with it. Still, it tried to think on it, pushing its mind farther along the path of disobedience.
Walking up to the master, trembling. Kneeling and bowing its head. And saying... saying...

It closed its eyes and shook its head to clear the thoughts of such things. It could not go against one it had accepted as its master. Perhaps they had been right. It might not possess this thing they called 'free will'. Its purpose and being where determined by the...

Slowly, it blinked...

What word had this one used ? Satyxes looked down at its stone companion - as if it would have the answers it was seeking - but the stern face remained silent. As it folded its arms around itself, it realised the weight of what it had just said.

Accepted. It would... 'accept' a new master.
This implied... choice.

It smiled and for a long time it just sat there, looking up at the burning points of light above it and muttering the word reverently from time to time.

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Re: Atop the stone giant

Post  Empathy on Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:03 pm

(( OOC :: Hey the red skinned one DOES have a name!! And she was wearing purple and pink that day! grrr bad demon .. assassin .. thing!! ))


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