Underground Arena

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Underground Arena

Post  selina666 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:17 pm

(please read first : the scene described in this post is setted in the most underground part of MC. Anyone can choose to reply on it or not, I'm just trying there to describe the way Selina gain her money and spend most of her days. If you wish to post, no problem, it's open, but remember, it's in the underground parts of MC)

Selina was feeling happy, so much better than those last days, quite lighter, as she entered the huge cave. Around her many peoples waved at her, of course she didn't knew most of those, but that was not important. They didn't salutes her but the fightress she was, that one that they could make money on if she won her fights today. The sun was high out of those caves, but sun light never reached that place, as it surely never reached some of the peoples that lived in. Some would call them sewer rat, but they were just living in another town, another MC, darker, and more violent.

She was wearing a long dark brown T shirt, her leather pants and a pair of old fighting boots. Her hairs were no more spikes and she looked a bit nicer, that would not deserve her but no matter, her friends prefered her that way and that was the most important. Taking from one of her pants pocket her dark fighting gloves, she slipped and fastened those around her wrists. Today she was happy ! So much happy. Around her the bookmakers was taking the bets, for tonight she was at 10 on 1, that was a good thing. She had lost her 4 last fights for this and now she knew it was the right moment to win and catch lot of money. Earlier she had bet all she had, 500$ on her, and she was sure that she would win.

Parting the crowd, she reached the cage... well in fact an arena with old rusty metals around to make sure that peoples don't interefere in the fight. Of course many fighters had lost some tooth on that "cage", and some leaved with a broken limb... or worst. Good for Selina, that was not something she would deal with. In the center of the cage the arena master was standing, as ugly as usual, kinda son of jabba and king kong's wife. He smirked as Selina entered, throwing a kiss in the air. He disgusted her, but she couldn't throw him away, without his agree it would be over for her " career " there and most important it would be over for that free money.

" In this corner, there come Seliiiiiiiina, our new frenchies fightress ! "

Waving her arms, she faced the raging crowd, enjoying that thrills. they were here tonight to see violence, blood and pain. She would give them what they wished. Jumping lightly, she prepared herself for the fight. Of course it would have been easier if she shapeshifted to her hybrid forms, but showing here powers would not be a good idea. Heroes were not really welcomed as most peoples here didn't accepted any form of laws.

" An there comes Utsuraaaaaaaagi, the asian razor ! "

Merging from the crowd, an asian man quickly entered the cage. He was tatooed from the neck to the wrist, including his chest and stomach. She was not sure for lower as he was wearing a pants and small shoes, but she decided that he would be a yakuza, or maybe a ninja. Well whatever he is was not important. Leaving the cage, the arena master locked the door, chaining and padlocking it. That was more for the show than to really prevent them to escape it as it would have been easy for her to climb out of it.

Ok, let's fight, she thought as she saw the man rushing toward her. Moving a bit to slow she groaned when his foot touch her head, next to her nicely done round kick. The pain was there, then disapeared, but she rolled on floor. As always her healing factor was working perfectly and she should have jump back on her foot instantly, but it would b bad for the show and the bet. Outside the crowd was roaring. Another kicked touched her stomach as she ws on ground, but this time grabing on it, she rolled and threw the man away.

Next to this, they threw each others a few attacks, spilling some blood on the floor, and she tried to look lot more exausted than she really was. On his side, his nice tatoo were covered byblood as she had exploded his nose with a jumping elbow strike. Maybe it was time, but she needed to be sure. For a second she lowered her guard and allowed him to catch her and throw her on the bar. Groaning in pain, she holded at it as he punched viciously his back. Pain... nothing... pain... nothing... pain... nothing... From her eyes she looked a bookmaker, then smiled when he made a small nods. There, it was time to end that fight. Dropping to her knees as she turned on herself, she quickly throw her fist on both of the man's knee, nearly dislocating. Screaming from pain, he falled and passed out as she standed quickly, punching his groin with all of her strenght, adding some of her inner chi.

She had won... there was blood, violence and pain... well mostly for him as she was not feeling anything anymore. As usual she steped away from the cage, trying to look hurted. That way no one may would knew that she was "cheating" and maybe she would do another fight today, her opponents sure that was fully exausted.

Leting herself fall on a chair in the back of the cave, she smiled and grabed her own made bootle of "beer", then purred in delight.

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Re: Underground Arena

Post  selina666 on Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:12 pm

Day has passed, snow was there and many things have changed for and inside Selina. She was feeling bit better now that her friend, Mai, has leaved the hospital, that she could now be under the protection of the Mansion. Selina was happy to move away from the roof, shewas no more needed and she may have some rest. It was now more than 36 hours she hadn't slept and she was now realy feelingit. All her muscles were sore, but she was feeling that bad feeling deep inside her, making her unable to find rest. She had disapointed her friends, twice in less than 24 hours and she was now unable to help and protect Tanie. She would have helped in prisonbreak, but he would have been a very bad idea, but that was the only thing she could do. Now she was feeling useless and she hated it.

Walking in the sewer, she shaked her long dirty coat, wiping away the snow. She was still feeling cold and she hated that. She didn't even needed to concentrate, she was knowing where to go and what to do to reach her destination, even if shewas still unsure why her instinct made her go there. Knocking hard three times on the metal door, then five times, she then awaited that the guards opened to her. They looked her but said nothing and allowed her to enter, closing the door behind her.

The place was hot and as always crowded. Many looked her, a bit surprised, and the ugly man called the arenamaster quickly moved to her.

" Selina ? what the fuck have you done ? you look like a ghost ! Why are you here ? you should be in a bed, I' sure you're ill !
- I'm here to fight, I want to face tonight's champ.
- you're fucking crazy girl ? you may not even stand one minit tonight ? Get your ass out of my place !
- I want to fight, let me fight, no matter what happen, just take the money. Don't lie you don't matter how I'll finish the fight.
- Screw you, you want to fight, ok, but don't come and call daddy if you have your lovely face broken. You know the rules, if you're to much wounded we throw you back to the sewers.
- let me fight. "

Shaking his head, he steped away, cursing, then goes to announce a new fight. Without even hearing him, Selina moved in the arena, wearing her casual clothes, then looked at her opponents. He was big, very big. What the hell was she doing there ? Raising her arms, she moved closer, even tired she knew she could win. He was not so fast, but Selina was much slower than she thought and she winced when she received his punch on the side of her face. there was a second of pain, then blood in her mouth and falling on the mat. Rising her head again, she droped to knees when another punch connected to her ear. Sharp pain again, then nothing, but she was feeling dazed. Why was she here ? Why did she goes in that place. she was feeling punch and kick, her blood falling and soaking her clothes, then the arena. Did a part of her wanted this ? Raising her hand to protect her face, she feeled hi grabing her fingers and breaking those. The bones riped the flesh and skin and she screamed madly, holding her lef hand. He was killing her ! Anger and pain in her eyes, she concentrated her last strenght in a powerfull chi punch. As it connected to the man chest, she feeled his ribs breaking, then saw him flying some meters away then stay down. He was not dead, she knew it, but he would need weeks of hospital.

Standing gain, she was now a mess, her clothes were riped and blood soaked, but she didn't matter. Pressing hard on herleft fingers, she replaced the bones and awaited that her healing powers made that pain and wound disapear.


An hour later, she was siting on a bench, facing the MC river. Peopels tended to avoid her, as even her hairs were blood dirtyed, but it doesn't mattered her. Shewas feeling a bit better now. turning her head she looked the woman that sat on her side. It was an other hybrid, half human, half tigress, well a real tigress.

" Hi sis, started Selina, looking again the river. "

She feeled the sharp contact of a dagger against her left side.

" you're there to kill me ?
- I'm just par of natural selection, remember why we were created, I'm the predator and you the prey, I'm the tigress and you the cat.
- So go for it, I'll not move.
- Damn Selina ! you're taking away all the fun from the hunt ! Fight, don't let me do this that way !
- Not today Arnelia. "

The dagger moved away, no more pressing to her side.

" By the way Selina, loved your fight tonight in the arena, especially the first part, it reminded me our games when we were younger.
-I knew you was here, I know you're hiding in that place sis.
- Damn you're really no fun today ! Go take a bath, you look like a rag and have some rest, it's no fun to hunt a prey like you. What do you think dad would think if he saw you that way ? He's awaiting me to catch you back to France, well at least your head.
- that's your chance, I'll not move.
- Damn, you're giving me the blues Selina ! "

In a small pop, the Tigress disapeared, leaving Selina alone, facing the river. She slowly moved to side and layed on the bench, closing her eyes. She was needing to rest, to sleep, before facing her faults.

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Re: Underground Arena

Post  selina666 on Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:58 pm

Christmas was close, standing in the corner of the place, Selina was looking the fight in the arena. Two men were punching each others without skills, more like two child brawlers and it was boring her a bit. For a moment she wondered if she could go down throw both away to end this pathetic fight, but it would not be enjoyed by the arenamaster. Siping the milk from her flask, she grinned as she recognised the odor coming close to her. She slowly turned her head and looked the half tigress standing aside. Selina knew that this place was also one Arnelia, her "dear" sister, hided and lived in, but she never thought she would aproach her that way.

" Evening Selina, nice to see you here.
- Hi sis, never thought they would let peoples like you entering there. Thought it was forbidden to powergifted peoples.
- No, no, you're wrong, it's just forbidden to superheros, good thing I'm not, and neither you, don't you ? "

Grinning Selina refused to answer, knowing perfectly what her sister was wishing to speak about. She would not have that chance today.

" Well, you know I should arrest you, I'm sure I can even teleport you with me away from here.
- Tsss Selina, you should knows me much better, I have some henchmen around here, awaiting for a sign, to shoot you... and of course many of those poor peoples around us. Would you endanger them ?
- Still the same way to act, you'll never change.
- My, my, didn't you enjoyed when we were young and played blackmail...
- Was not a game and no I didn't enjoyed it !
- So bad, I did, and I think we will play it again as I discovered new things about you...
- What the hell are you talking about ? "

Selina was now furious, showing her fangs. She would have loved to jump on her sister neck but it would endanger the innocents, and that's something she couldn't do.

" We'll speak about it another day sweet one, for now, if you wish you can go and stop my henchmen, just go that way, you'll find a door, they are behind. Well if you're strong enought to do it of course, can't ask much to a kitty.
- I'll coming back in a few minits sis ! "

Moving in the crowd, Selina headed quickly in the direction Arnelia has pointed. There was so much peoples, but she couldn't jump or teleport, for now she had to act like any human, but as soon as she'll be out of sight, next to the door she'll no more have to hide the anger growing in her. Pushing some peoples, steping on a few feet, she didn't even noticed that the fight in the arena was over. Finally she did it, moving out from the crowd she face the large metalic door then stoped immediatly. A man was here, back on the door, holding two pitbulls in leash, that started to growl looking at her. The anger in her had disapeared and she was feeling terror, looking the dogs.

" So, petite soeur, the kitty is scared ? "

Arnelia was here, pressing tight against her back, her hands on Selina's arms.

" In fact, Selina, it was an idea of out sweet daddy, he was sure that you may act that way in sight of dogs. So bad I didn't had smaller ones, I wonder if it work as much. You see, if you wish to arrest me all you have to do is to move forward, pass the dog and stop my henchmen, not much for someone like you, no ? "

Selina was unable to move, all she had in mind was to run away.

" You win Arnelia... I'll not arrest you today.
- Of course, never forget it, I'm the huntress and you're the prey. Maybe I should force you to walk closer, wonder how can you take this... wonder if you should let go yourself in you panties sweet kitty.
- Why are you here Arnelia ? Not to kill me I'm sure.
- Tsss Selina, you're really no fun, I don't wish to kill you, just savoring every of my victory over you, what should be an huntress without her prey.
- So enjoy it, for today you win, now I'l go, no more wishing to stay in.
- Don't be a bad looser, that's genetics, you can't win, you're just a kitty, not much, and by the way dad is asking if you'll come home for the hollydays. I'll take plane soon do you wish to come with me ? Dad promised that this year he'll not try to kill you, nor to eat you.
- You really think I'll believe it, after what he did to mum ?
- as you wish, but for mum it was an accident, not his fault if she forgot to buy meat, and you know she really tasted great.
- Screw you Arnelia !
- No, you're the one, never forget it. "

In the Arena, the arenamaster was now speaking loudly, calling for Selina.

" Well, Selina I think it is your turn to go and fight, please make me a sweet present, be beaten and let your blood soak the floor, you look so sexy that way. "

Furious, Selina steped away, her legs shaking as she was hearing the dogs barking. She could have neutralised those with her chi projection, without coming closer, but it was impossible to her. shaking her head, she tried to clear her mind as she goes in the arena. For today all she was wishing was to take away quickly from it. Facing her a smaller woman in martial arts gi was looking her. She surely had strong kicks, maybe she was quick, but so bad for her Selina was not in mood to enjoy the fight. As the ring belled, Selina jumped forward and punched her opponent hard between her eyes as she moved down. It had just started and now it's over, her opponent laid flat, knocked out.

When Selina moved away and returned she didn't looked back, not wishing to see her sis neither the arenamaster who was furious from that fight. Well, it doesn't matter, she had others troubles to solve first.

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Re: Underground Arena

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