Christmas Benefit (OPEN RP)

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Christmas Benefit (OPEN RP)

Post  Mind_Puck on Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:58 am

A red latex bowtie hung, untied, around Puck's neck as he zipped around the club floor in a blur of activity.

"The firefighters are here? Great, get their shirts off, someone get them oiled up, they'll be taking gifts by the door. Don't be shy, guys!"

"Come on, people, we don't have much time..." He clapped, then disappeared in a puff of violet mist, appearing again on one of the lighting catwalks that crisscrossed the ceiling of the club, helping secure some holiday lighting.

He shouted down as a number of new arrivals to the club, "Choir? You're on the left stage... Someone get them settled in!"

"Alright, make sure the band is settled in, and get the fires going. If someone sees Cy or Shayla, tell them we'd appreciate their help keeping them, well, standing tonight, if they have a second..."

As he spoke, some of the volunteers went about lighting small gas fires in a pair of large, ice-sculpted fireplaces on either end of the stage. He finished the last bit of decoration tethering and disappeared in a puff again.

Backstage, he tied his bow tie, and opened the box Sarah had provided.

"I have to hand it to her... she didn't abuse the bet one bit... though I'm surprised she was able to find a latex suit jacket on such short notice..."

He finished dressing, pulling the latex sportcoat on with a squeak - the guests would be arriving any moment now...

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