Fetish Fetish, who's got a Fetish? (OPEN)

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Fetish Fetish, who's got a Fetish? (OPEN)

Post  Harbinger on Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:10 pm

((This is a spin off of the quiet evening Lilith and I were sharing in a 'quiet corner' but I thought it might make a fun little game about lore and fetishes. Anyone is welcome to join in as we are not being secretive.))

As the night wore on, Valerie, the non-super in The Harbinger's company, had found the courage to take to the dance floor, where she was moving around easily to the heavy beats. She was a solid dancer, comfortable in the crowd where she moved from partner to partner playfully and easily. A few glasses of wine and frequent assurances had brought out the young woman who loved to move, and loved music. What did it matter that the woman she was dancing with was wearing a gas mask, and had bright purple pigtails?

The Harbinger took a sip of his own wine and looked over at his remaining companion, Lilith. "So, as we were saying earlier, any of Millenium City's best and brightest could be here either in costume, or out, or simply in new costume."

He looked out over the floor. "I'll take the easy guess: That there is Mayte Sanchez."

He pointed at a woman encased in a bright blue latex mini dress, black latex garters leading down to tall latex boots. About her waist was a belt with multiple handcufs, zip strips, and apparently a holsters vibrator. She wore a traditional police hat, her black hair cascading down and around her masked face. She was dancing with a woman dressed in a similar latex minidress, this one green, the boots replaced by a pair of severe high heeled shoes.

"It clearly," he continued, "is a wig, but the police reference is obvious."

He raised his glass to take a sip and watch his companion.

((so anyone else can get in on the guessing game, either to refute a guess, or suggest another one. This could be fun, and does not need to be limited to just "the Champions". Heck, work in your non-HoT characters (that are old enough to be in Fetish Fuel (yes, Run I'm looking at you) ) if you want for a giggle or two.))

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