preperation makes the evening sweeter (RP introduction)

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preperation makes the evening sweeter (RP introduction)

Post  magnami on Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:41 am

Anthony slumped into the chair fatigued and utterly bored, a 7 hour shift working at Syncope Call centre would do that to a guy. It had been two months since Anthony had arrived in Millennium City and for the first month it was all the joys of spring. He had consisted off pulling mind tricks at the cash machine nothing too major just 50 bucks here and there, just enough to get him by and keep the fridge well stocked but then good olé' catholic guilt reared its ugly head. So now he worked in a soul destroying job, paid to apologise to abusive and ungrateful people and the worst of it was he had to wear a suit. A suit! the indignity was offensive at best, monstrous at worst. He was tired, tired of his shitty job, tired his shitty apartment and most of all tired of all the damn supers running about. Seriously the amount of spandex was obscene at least London's dark watch was discreet about their activities, In America, pop culture was positively saturated with capes. He found it all far too sugary sweet; all good intention and no real progress.

He wanted release, release from this sorry state and he knew just where to get it. He had heard some of the admin guys talking about an underground club. Fetish fuel he thought he heard them say, the thought made him nervous. It had been nearly a year since he had last been on that particular scene, not since he broke up with Helena and fallen in with the coven. Not since that particular shit storm had been summoned up but no matter he thought “tonight I'm going to be beautiful.”

15 minutes later he was in the shower, the dull ache replaced with a warm sensation of comfort. The steamy room was saturated with the dreamy scent of lavender, Sigur Ros playing a lovely heady melody on the CD player. Anthony washed his hair tentatively, rinsing out the lather the short tawny blonde hair was miraculously replaced with long midnight black locks that fell just over his shoulders onto his back. With a wave of a hand, the square jaw he carried was instantly softened, rounded to become more feminine, the sharp nose he inherited was also softened to become more button like in its new appeal. Moving his hands down his body his stomach flattend hips becoming more full, rounded to give his a perfect curve, changing his movements. With another wave of motion the scars that decorated his past were gone, now replaced with butterfly tattoos that consisted of a beautiful turquoise, subtle blues and dark rich purples. These designs swirled all down his left side, shifting over his new smooth skin.

Stepping out of the shower, he gazed at himself naked in the full length mirror. Starring at the perfect amalgamation of male and female he had become. Dark hair hung in loose curls over his shoulders framing his new face, flat chest and stomach decorated with mystic butterflies that shone in the darkness. Only his penis was bothering him, it felt uncomfortable to move with his new hips but no matter pain can be pleasure with the right perspective. One detail remained until then, with a quick burst of concentration the dark brown irises of his cow eyed inheritance were replaced with a shimmering violet.

He was ready. Tonight he would be Beautiful. Tonight he would be Powerful. Tonight for the first time in a year, he would truly be Himself.


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